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Started by computerworks, January 29, 2019, 12:01:16 AM

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CSX 4133

Don Johnston

Canoe arrived today with my copy.  Aloha! 8)



Quote from: TJinSA on March 11, 2019, 08:51:50 PM
In San Antonio, no registry has arrived.  Did they have to have a supplementary printing?

Good question.   I ordered mine recently, after the initial 'rush' on pre-orders, so hopefully I (we) didn't get caught out.
Greg Z

Bob Gaines

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Jim Herrud

Mine arrived in today in good condition.
Worth the wait!

Shelby Buff.
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Returned home from vacation yesterday, mine was in the held mail, a bright point among all the bills!
Dave - 6S1757


Tom Kubler

texas swede

Haven't got mine yet. Anybody else in the same situation?
Texas Swede


Still waiting.     I ordered on March 4.
Greg Z

chris NOS


as of today no delivery in the capitol of the world miami...
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if any of you has ever sent anything media mail (which is the most reasonable way to ship! )  the post office will treat these as last priority . I used to do the mailings for the Northwoods Region and we had a bulk mail permit and it might take 3 weeks for everyone to  get one and that was just one state
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I've received my '65 Registry and it's been a great read, however, I couldn't find a particular piece of info. Does this new book state anywhere how many GT350s were completed at the Carter Rd, Venice, location? I see on Pg 14 where it discusses the first 110 Mustangs which were delivered from SJ to the Venice location, but nothing about SFM serial numbers completed before the May? move to LAX.

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