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Koni shock questions

Started by 1109RWHP, December 23, 2018, 04:37:23 PM

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What color orange was used on early Koni shocks? Does anyone sell it in a spray can?  Can you buy just the hardware and bushings separately?


 As far as I know nobody makes a rattle can version of it that's accurate. Ditzler # 72096  called Mardi Gras red.  As far as hardware Virginia Mustang has the rear washers bushings and nut covers   I believe the front bayonet bushings are available from cobra automotive


Odd I've been down this route as well.  Years ago before Al Gore invented the internet, I spoke with the folks at Koni America regarding their rebuild program.  Asked how the shocks were refinished.  Answer was, repaint with Plasticoat aerosol from a local hardware store.  I gave it a try and am very pleased with the results.


I used Plasti-Kote orange several years ago to refinish mine and I was very happy with the result.   Pretty sure someone on this forum said it was a near perfect rattle can match at the time. 


Don't know if it's still available but years ago, I found a small 6 oz. spray can of PLASTI-KOTE #5702 TOYOTA that was scary close. The SKU on the top is 7191505702.
5S071, 6S1467

texas swede

I had a paint shop here in North Texas mix it for me from the front shocks #1626 mounting bracket lower side.
It was like new without any discoloring or oxidation. Outcome was excellent and many people around the world has
used the formula. So far no complaints.
If you send me a message with your email address, I will send the formula to you. PPG is the paint manufacturer.
Texas Swede


I will try the rattle can route first. It doesn't have to be exactly perfect, just wanted it close. Thanks!

chris NOS

i checked for the upper bushing on cobra automotive web site , but i can see only the polyurethane version , does somebody know where to get some original look alike ?


I went back through the receipts I have for my '67 GT500 and found that I ordered the bushing kits directly from Koni. (859) 586-4100. The Kit #s listed on the invoice are:
71 50 15 130 0
70 50 17 350 0
        One kit contains replacements for the two front shocks and the other kits contains replacements for the two rear shocks. IIRC, the cost was between $45-$50 for both kits.


chris NOS

Thank you , i ll give a call to Koni in France if they have it .