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Fuel Gauge

Started by sfm5s081, October 09, 2018, 02:57:22 PM

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I know this is a bit of a simple/odd question... But why don't the csx 4000 cars have fuel gauges? IS there a solution?


None of the 1965 G.T. 350 R code or R Model, if you will, had a gas gauge. Maybe they didn't read accurately during a race? Or it was mathematically calculated how much fuel was needed. I saw a video of a Porsche 718 old race car being sticked in the gas tank to determine the fuel level. See video below.
Yours is done for nostalgia reasons?
Update: Saw that NASCAR doesn't use gas gauge because of banking of turns makes it unreliable plus they rely on fuel pressure gauge to get a read and as pressure drops means gas is running low. I would keep your Cobra as it was intended from the factory.
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I don't know if they can be optioned with a fuel level gauge in place of the fuel pressure gauge when buying new, I bought mine secondhand, but mine has fuel level, not the fuel pressure.

Bob Gaines

Quote from: sfm5s081 on October 09, 2018, 02:57:22 PM
I know this is a bit of a simple/odd question... But why don't the csx 4000 cars have fuel gauges? IS there a solution?
The Race Cobra's relied on two separate feed lines coming from the tank. I believe many CSX 4000's had tanks plumbed the same way . At least that was the way the earlier 4000 tanks were made. One outlet line was low and another that was slightly higher.  The mechanical pump was fed through the higher line . When the engine started to cut out that meant the fuel to the mechanical had reached that higher level point and that the tank only had a few gallons left before it was dry. The electric pumps were run on the lower outlet which when switched on all was good and you knew you had time to get in to refuel before you ran out of gas. This set up ran two separate fuel lines from the back to the front and plumbed so they joined at the mechanical pump.     
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Thanks Bob, I figured there had to be some way of having a reserve. I had the sender replaced when I bought my car, and I haven't dared to test how accurate it is when the gauge indicates near empty, but I'll verify I have the dual feeds on the tank, and I'll let it run out on the mechanical pump, and see where the gauge is.


You could get a fuel level gauge with the CSX4XXX & CSX6XXX Continuation Cobras. The problem with the fuel level gauge is as stated previously, inaccuracy of the reading. The CSX Continuation Cobras come with dual fuel lines, one is the main feed and the other is a reserve feed. The main fuel hose supplies fuel to the engine mounted mechanical fuel pump and the reserve fuel hose comes from electric fuel pumps mounted in the trunk. It is much more reliable to have a fuel pressure gauge mounted in the dash rather than a fuel level gauge, with the fuel pressure gauge you get a more accurate reading as to when its time to switch the reserve electric fuel pumps on and get to the next fuel station.