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Some of our Restoration Services from Shelby Parts and Restoration

Started by acman63, August 29, 2018, 05:55:06 PM

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Mike Shally

Get well soon and we pray for a quick and complete recovery.
Mike and Harriet
original owner, 68 Shelby judge, MCA Gold Card Judge, MCACN Shelby Judge


I have known Jim since 1977 - He is a solid gold person! - Praying for Jim & his family


Met Jim in 74/75. He came to Ct. with Ken Young to deliver my 66. Get well soon Jim.


You said to ask........... So, do you restore Vacuum advances?

Seattle, Wash.
68 KR  #3777

64cobra   SPR is basically just selling parts and finishing up a couple customers cars at the moment. 
I will be listing a bunch of left over 67 NOS and original parts soon for Jim.  Brought a 15 ft uhaul home loaded from Green Bay.

Special Ed


Hi Jesse, How is Jim doing. I hope he is mending and getting better. Ron

Original owner of 6S550. Owned since 1967. 64,000 Miles, all body original except hood and front valance. All glass original except windshield. Still has aluminum 4 speed. Has replacement Mico.  Also own 1966 Mustang convertible. They are drivers, not trailer queens.

texas swede

I am in chock as I didn't know Jim was sick, It's more than 40 years ago I started to order parts from Jim for my 67 in Sweden.
NOS 289 HiPo camshaft and the under dash gauges come to mind. He is a great guy and very honest.
Please get well soon Jim.
Texas Swede


I am also restoring vacuum advances again. Both single port and dual. I will be back in the shop after taking care of family health issues. Please contact me through messages if interested.

Special Ed

Good news as tim does great work on distributors and advances.  I get  many calls from people wanting vaccum advances restored a much needed part that is in demand and no repo is available.