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only 47 Candy Apple Red 67 GT500s?

Started by mgreene, July 03, 2024, 08:50:11 AM

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Per the "SRG rarity report" in the Stephen Becker for sale ad - does not seem right to me...
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The 67 SAAC registry is pretty accurate, probably where he got that number from.


I believe that the SRG pulls their data from actual Ford/Shelby production records and then bounces that off the information published in the registry.  Discrepancies are resolved on their master spreadsheet before being published.  Dave Mathews can probably add to this.
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Quote from: mgreene on July 03, 2024, 08:50:11 AMPer the "SRG rarity report" in the Stephen Becker for sale ad - does not seem right to me...

That number may seen small because didn't some owners of the Lime Gold Shelby's paint theirs Candy Apple Red making it seen like there are more than there really is?


I think you are spot on. Over the years I have encountered several cars that were originally Lime Gold that were repainted Candy Apple Red.
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There were 96 red GT 500 cars. 11 of them were automatic with AC without thermactor, 2 red automatics with thermactor.
The Shelby records are here at SAAC.
I believe the SRG gets most of their information from the Registry and Marti reports.
I haven't followed this car and discussion so maybe the critera SRG used was for something different.
A red automatic with AC is definitely rare.

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Interesting about changing colors! I bought #0194 which was red but originally lime green and repainted it white to match #0962!

Road Reptile

Hi and Happy 4th!!!
Thanks to Dave for the dedication and work.
Sounds like Mr Green needs to buy a registry.
Also please remember it is Lime Gold (not Green) and because it was a new color for 67
it was very popular. It also faded as did most high metallic colors of the 1960's and
most owners wanted a solid color after that. Long time urban legend was Shelby did not
like Red because of Ferrari. Most of his personal cars were some shade of Blue.



I believe there were 47 candy apple red GT500's with automatic transmissions and 49 candy apple red GT500's with manual transmissions.


Road Reptile

Hi Again,
When you look at the Marti report it shows 172 cars this color which must be the number of total fastbacks 350 and 500 combined. Don't forget to count 1 coupe and 1 convertible
so 174 cars total for code 9 done by Shelby for the year. 96 G.T.500 and 78 G.T.350 cars
would seem like correct numbers. Rare enough !!