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Offering $100 for a Certain "Marque" or "Snakebite" Issue

Started by jjaustin1966, June 26, 2024, 06:32:38 PM

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I'm looking for a Marque magazine (or possibly Snakebite) that contains an article about Hertz Denver offering a special 1966 GT350H rental deal for the National Ski  Patrol. A person I talked with some time back said that, years ago, he had noticed that article in one of these issues, but wasn't sure which one. I know some of you folks have extensive collections of "The Marque" and "Snakebite," so I thought I'd post this to see if I could find the magazine. If you have one, I'd be willing to pay you $100 for it.  Thanks!


I don't think the "Snakebite" had articles, it was strictly advertisement for club members.

The "Marque" was followed by the "Shelby American" magazine.
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Thanks, Coralsnake. I wasn't very sure about Snakebite, but thought I'd include it.