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Vintage Convention Photos WANTED

Started by computerworks, June 25, 2024, 12:15:00 PM

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I knocked on that locked door of the Studio on the top floor of SAAC HQ...
No one opened it, but I heard the rapid clickity-clack of keys on a keyboard.
Suddenly a hand written note was slipped to me,  under the door.

I will post it here...

Wanted: Photos

Photos taken at:
---SAAC-7 (Great George,1982),
---SAAC-8 (Dearborn, 1983),
---SAAC-9 (Anaheim, 1984).

Will be used in a book I am working on about the history of SAAC.
Please send Jpegs by e-mail, no more than 5 at a time, to: 

Great opportunity to get a picture of your car in a major publication.
Fame and fortune await – start practicing your autograph.

Thanks in advance.  Rick Kopec

PLEASE drop a quick reply to this thread if you have sent an email with photos to Rick...thanks


I have a number of high quality photos from scanned slides (scanned at 4800 dpi) from SAAC 7 (42) and SAAC 8 (129) posted on my website.  You are welcome to them all, all I ask is the I be given credit for them. You may preview them on my website and request the ones you'd like to use.  All photos are in .jpg format.
Roy Simkins
1966 G.T.350H SFM6S817
1967 G.T.500 67400F7A03040