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67 EFFPI steering wheel

Started by CGWerner, June 09, 2024, 01:17:30 PM

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I have had this wheel for  years, it was restored by Gary's.  My wheel was rough so this was a backup.  Resto came out better than expected and I need short tabs, so wanted to pass this to the next owner.  I noticed that the MADE IN ITALY stamp was above the INT PATENTED and every picture I have seen has the MADE IN ITALY stamp below the INT PATENTED.  I looked in past threads but couldn't find discussion on this feature.  Measurements and visuals look ok.  This wheel supposedly came off of a car in the #2000's, but...?  Should I be concerned any thoughts or experience?  Thanks.


This long tab wheel looks correct and very nicely restored for a 1967 Shelby.
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Very nice original wheel. Very typical of a real original one.
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