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Make your own Boss 302

Started by Coralsnake, July 17, 2024, 07:56:45 PM

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The original Influencer, check out


Wow - long video but I enjoyed watching it. These YouTubers need to have a "big personality" to get attention. That can be grating at times but I get it.

That car is such a mess - looks to me like that roll bar saved someone's life.

I'm not particularly mechanically minded, but I do like watching a well shot and edited repair or restoration video.

Not sure about the integrity of the work sometimes - would be interested to hear what more knowledgeable enthusiasts have to say.

- Phillip
President, Delmarva Cougar Club - Brand Manager, Cougar Club of America


Yes, longer than the normal videos they do.

They rebuild and part out a lot of salvage cars.

The original Influencer, check out


This one is horribly wrecked. Gotta watch it. Thank you  very much for posting!
"Low she sits on five spoke wheels
Small block eight so live she feels
There she's parked beside the curb
Engine revving to disturb
She's the princess from his past
Red paint gold stripes damned she's fast"