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Fuel pump question

Started by paul, June 04, 2024, 02:51:19 PM

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Would an early,(mid 300)post carryover 66 GT 350, use a fuel pump with integral screw on fuel filter like a 65? Thanks, Paul.

texas swede

Hi Paul,
I believe the pump you need is #4201 with the button on the top and no fuel bowl like the 65 and first 252
Texas Swede


Agreed. On the other side of the main cast body of the pump will be the date the pump was assembled. Didn't include that in the collection below. Going to be expensive if or looking for a real one. Some are faking them either for themselves or to offer to sale and not all sellers either know or are not honest

Jeff Speegle- Mustang & Shelby detail collector, mentor :) and Judge



Check with Fred to see if he has one. Hard to tell the difference from a non-hipo when installed. I think all my extra pumps are'65 versions, but I'll check.
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