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Cobra Day at Cobra Experience 2024

Started by laforum, June 03, 2024, 05:25:49 PM

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On June 1, 2024 the Cobra Experience celebrate another amazing annual "Cobra Day".  Participants brought 12 original Cobras (that I saw, could have been more).  The Cobras displayed by participants included a selection of nice CSX3200 series Cobras.  In addition, one participant showed his COB Cobra that had not been out since 1971.
 Of course, a number of significant Cobras reside in the museum.


Great showing of real Cobra's, glad to see them on the road, displayed and enjoyed by all.

Thanks for sharing
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They always do such a nice job with the shows and events. Should visit more often

Thanks for sharing
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It was a good day and I think I convinced Drew Serb to come over to my place and get some vintage Goodyear tires to replace the horrible Hoosier tires that are currently on the Mark ll in the museum. I told him I wanted to puke when I saw them on the car.

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