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67 Mustang Black Interior Paint

Started by Fast Fords, June 03, 2024, 02:05:13 PM

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Fast Fords

Hi, can anyone tell me the paint code for 67 Mustang black interior built at Metuchen in May of 67 ?  Thanks in advance for any help......Greg.


Black Charcoal Metallic   interior codes 5A / 6A   

Ditzler 32586   

Dupont 9354
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A couple of hints to hopefully help you be more original and successful in your project

Often owners/builders will, after stripping down to the metal and exposing the full grain of the surfaces, apply a couple of light full coats of semi-gloss black in an effort to retain as much as possible the grain. Then over coat with a couple of full but dry coats of the Charcoal to get the metallic and grayish finish. If you apply the charcoal too heavy it will fill the grain and become glossy.

Also remember that the door paint was under the body color and the interior color did not follow the weather strip on ever side of the door jamb.

Jeff Speegle- Mustang & Shelby detail collector, mentor :) and Judge