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94 Bondurant Mustang GT school car

Started by gt350bp, March 28, 2024, 08:02:05 AM

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Update on the #10 94 Mustang GT Bondurant School car after looking at the car a couple of weeks ago. I purchased a deluxe Marti Report and there is nothing in the report that distinguishes it as a school car. Odd thing was it had a few options like a better radio that seemed strange for a car to be used at the race school. Another odd item was it shows an Orlando, FL DSO! Does anyone know about how these cars were allocated or have a Marti Report for a car they own and if there is anything that distinguishes them as being sent to Roush Racing?

Any help will be appreciated. Still have not made a deal on the car.

Thank you.


TA Coupe

Hey Don, did you end up buying one?

If it starts it's streetable.
Overkill is just enough.



Still negotiating as he has another car that I'm trying to get as a package deal. It is a 03 Cobra and is supposedly a body-in-white. I got a quick look at it but was unable to get close to the windshield area to check for a VIN. Nice NASCAR style cage but not a Terminator engine. Looks like an earlier Cobra 4V. Hoping to see the cars again this weekend as I have been dealing with a family health problem. Will keep you posted.