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Bill Neale heart fund water color

Started by bsolo66, April 19, 2024, 08:36:10 AM

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A friend of mine has come into possession of several art pieces as part of a deal on a 1995 Ford Lightning. We are trying to find the history of it and current value. It is #26 of 500 and signed by both Bill Neale and Carroll Shelby. I have done some research on it but unable to find any reference to the collection. Thanks for the help.

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No answer to your question but I have a pretty famous 93 Lightning.

If it starts it's streetable.
Overkill is just enough.




Its an awesome poster. Bill Neale was a great car artist and friend of Carroll Shelby. I would say its worth $75-200 Dollars. however the best way to determine a value is to auction it off.
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