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Hendrick Heritage tour

Started by BGlover67, April 12, 2024, 06:48:13 PM

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Today the SAAC Carolina's club with the help of Hagerty's Insurance was invited to tour the Hendrick's Heritage Center in Charlotte, NC.  Wow.  Words can't really describe that place.  Imagine if you suddenly inherited a multi-million dollar fortune and then decided to purchase every classic and modern car that ever struck your fancy.  Then put them all on display in a huge indoor building and it just about begins to come close to the collection on display at the Hendrick Heritage Center.  Many thanks go to Hagerty and their local representative Paul Kaperonis, as well as Morgan Beauregard at the Speedway Club where we had a wonderful lunch afterwards.  Also the event wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the tireless efforts of SAAC Carolina's member Stan Simm.  Thanks Stan.

I would post tons of photos of all the rarest and amazing cars that were there, but the Heritage Center has a strict policy of no pictures or even cell phones allowed inside the facility.
Brian R. Glover
SAAC Carolina's Northern Representative


Was a great tour, even if there were only a couple Fords in the entire building!   :)
Charles Turner


You lucky dogs welcome to Bow Tie Heaven !

Although he has a few other non GM vehicles

What an exquisite site to behold,  not just the cars, but also all the memorabilia that he has amassed from the guitars, footballs, 200 + cars and many of the cars start with vin # 1

Glad you folks enjoyed the tour
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WHAT A GREAT EVENT. (caps intentional) Thanks to those who put it together. The only thing that would have made it better is to go back again after lunch. You just can't take it all in in one pass. 


As a GM employee and a longtime fan of Hendrick Motors sports going back decades I hope someday to be able to tour that facility. I have toured my GM Heritage facility before with 1 off cars you will never see anywhere else. Mr H is just a class act guy and being a NASCAR fan it has been fun to watch the championships  over the decades including JJ's 7.
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Doug B

What a fantastic tour and SAAC Carolina club event. Rick Hendrick's 30+ '67 427 Stingrays of every color combination. No Shelbys in the building, but still some awesome cars - including the original Snake and Mongoose funny cars and their haulers. Hot Wheels come to life!

Thanks Brian, Stan, Peggy and everyone else involved. Recently moved to NC and am glad to now be part of Carolina SAAC.

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TedS is correct.  This was our second visit and it never gets old. Hendrick has so many more cars in storage, they are continually rotating them and, of course, he's constantly buying.  Hopefully, we can schedule another visit in the near future and, if the RK Collection will have completed their remodeling, we can add it after lunch. It's smaller in size but there are some incredibly significant cars to be seen.
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Brian R. Glover
SAAC Carolina's Northern Representative


There are several behind the scenes videos on YouTube of the collection, including one, where everyone had a cellphone/camera going at all times!  Their facility, their rules, still a neat place to visit.