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Page 5 in 2022 Registry

Started by rcgt350, April 12, 2024, 12:12:21 AM

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Does anyone know what car that is on page 05 of the 2022 Registry?
0998 is Brittany Blue/Black interior
We're just trying to give the NightMist Blue car pictured, it's place


The picture notes the car as 67402F8A00998

Road Reptile

Hi Registry Readers,
This may be an easy correction for Dave Matthews. The car pictured is one of only a few that are code 2U Knightmist Blue and Parchment with hubcaps. That is if it is restored to as built. I hope Dave has time to explaine/solve the mystery. Just a guess mid 900's


The car is #944. The mistake was done by the person who did the layout of that page. Frustrating.
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Road Reptile

Thanks Dave !!!!
Always nice to solve a mystery.
R.R. 8)