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SAAC-49 Open Track Info

Started by Cobrask8, June 19, 2024, 12:27:40 PM

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I seem to be known as the track guy, getting lots of questions about what is needed. So, here is the link to the SAAC website with all the information you need to know.  Please note some of the requirements are not made by SAAC, rather NJMP rules. I run there all the time, so I am aware. Please read and prepare before you leave, so you have no surprises at the track.

Please note the statements on helmets, long sleeves, and gloves. We cannot be responsible for you not doing your prep properly.

Also for your own neck health - 5 & 6 point belts in Cobras, Kits, track cars= HANS recommended.

Cautionary note - Mixing an Airbag equipped car with a 5-point harness WILL result in driver injuries in case of an impact with the bags going off.

Here is the link to the documents:

I instruct and run at NJMP 6-10 times a year, all groups who rent the track must follow the rules. I'm just trying to help out and avoid any dilemmas later.


Dan Knows - follow his recommendations and you'll have a better day.
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