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Need help Identifying 289 Block with Screw in Freeze plugs

Started by daltondavid, April 02, 2024, 09:04:50 PM

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I got this block today. It says 289 in the lifter valley and has 2 Bolt mains. 4 of the main Bolts are tapped I imagine for a Windage tray. The screw in Freeze plugs are reminiscent of the Boss 302 and 427. I have never seen a 289 with screw in freeze plugs. Does anyone know anything about this! All input appreciated.
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Exactly what was said above. Not uncommon but also not very common.

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     Back in the day, for race effort 289/302's, it was popular to convert the core plugs for screw-in type, and we did many of them; and this included the addition of the BOSS 302 windage tray also.   :)