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1968 tail light housing fasteners

Started by Almostthere, March 24, 2024, 04:58:12 PM

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Hello all! New to the forum and my first post. I don't see an introduction section so I apologize if I've missed it. I have a 1968 GT350 which I've been restoring for a number of years now. The car has had several owners  and it's been a challenge undoing previous work and finding correct parts. Does anyone know what is the correct fastener and possibly where they can be purchased that secures the tail light housing to the fiberglass tail light panel? I can find the bezel fasteners no problem. I've looked on a few Thunderbird sites as well, but to no avail. Thanks!


I believe you are looking for this screw. Its a #12-14 / 1/2 inch long

Its Ford number is 52608-S

Im guessing you are going to need a Thunderbird guy to get used ones


Here are originals to compare to Pete's catalog image:


Very good! I do recall they were not pointy now

Royce Peterson

1968 Cougar XR-7 GT-E 427 Side Oiler C6 3.50 Detroit Locker
1968 1/2 Cougar XR-7 428CJ Ram Air C6 3.91 Traction Lock


The head just isn't as thick as the originals, Royce.  Probably as close as one can get.
I can't say for sure if it is a 12; don't have a gauge.

They screw into the alloy reflector housing, into a cast boss, which is tapped to match the threads.  The blunt end is important so that the screw doesn't "bottom out".  One screw serves as the grounding point for the multi-socket wiring harness eyelet.  I've wondered if this grounding arrangement may contribute to the nagging taillight issues,


That is the screw.  And, yes, that is a pricey way for you to go.
Good luck.


Actually that's the same seller. I contacted him to see if he'd sell me 8 screws and it was a flat no!


Thanks. Cheapest option so far. Still a 43% markup with the dollar exchange and Canadian taxes. With shipping around $18/ screw.

highland green

i have 6 of the screws, i belive 64-65 t-bird the same.  where are you located, Im in Sask


That's awesome! I'm in Ontario. PM me please.