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A new BaT 1968 Yellow KR Convertible

Started by Coralsnake, March 23, 2024, 08:22:39 PM

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I have made 2 comments mentioning you, they failed to publish the first one, and I doubt they publish the second. The censors have me on block I think.
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What's with the off road stance?
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Quote from: 98SVT - was 06GT on March 23, 2024, 09:07:22 PM
What's with the off road stance?
It does appear to be riding high.  Wrong springs?  The tires appear to fill the wheel wells to an appreciable degree.
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The back is definitely too high and it has the wrong tires on it, that is probably why.

BaTs censor policy is a mystery


So Pete, good car, bad car?

Good history?

Killer color combo
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I dont know the history of the car. Having started in Illinois, I would look the body over very closely. It appears there are restoration photos, so those might be helpful. It might explain some things that do not appear to be correct. I find the "before" pictures most helpful. Reproduction tags always need an explanation in my opinion

The engine is after the car was built and has an aluminum intake. Its a nice upgrade, but not correct.

Also it started out with a white top. One of my peeves is stripes and emblems and they miss the mark


Coralsnake  Also it started out with a white top. One of my peeves is stripes and emblems and they miss the mark.

Well thanks for helping me on that when I got my 68 convert.  I was told that wrong color. So I replaced the side stripes.



No problem. I understand not everyone wants or tries to be original.

But, I enjoy seeing them that way!

I just pulled the emblems off a buddys KR. I told him it was risky, but he said go for it. They look a lot better now they are in the correct position. Luckily no damage to the paint


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