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Front Turn signal HELP

Started by 6S1568, February 29, 2024, 03:52:15 PM

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It appears that the brightest filament is the parking light side of the bulb. Thanks 


The reason I ask is its very common for people to pick a bulb that looks correct and fits, but is not correct
The original Influencer, check out


Ok everyone who replied to my earlier post, problem found, and issue solved. Front turn signal assembly was wired incorrectly from the factory. Both sides, right and left turn signal assemblies had the power from the turn signal light routed to the parking light side of the bulb. Once reversed, they worked as they should. Lincoln Tech, you were spot on with your comment. My guess is that the previous owner never knew the front signals didn't work with the headlights turned on, ever since he replaced the assemblies years ago, during restoration. I only discovered the problem after a friend of mine noticed that my turn signals weren't working, one morning when it was early enough that I had my headlights on when we were gathering to go to a local car show. See photo of repair solution. 


Hi. Your harness is not correct. The brown ground with eyelet should be part of it. 3 pins connectors.

WCCC and Branda supply them


Lincoln tech

I'm glad you got it resolved , thank's for letting us know . There seems to be individuals on this site that ask for help but never reply as to whether the problem got fixed or not ( makes you not want to get involved )


Yes, the third wire should be attached to the base of the socket. Are those assembly housings aftermarket?


These are definitely aftermarket assemblies, no manufacture markings on either one. My guess is a product made overseas somewhere. The original OEM harness is in place on the car, and there are only two wires going to each plug that feeds the parking light/turn signal assembly. The sockets pick up ground from the frame through the mounting hardware. No third wire for grounding built into the harness.

Thanks again Lincoln tech!