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1968 Fastback GT S Code 8F02S181754

Started by jdeboss302, February 28, 2024, 02:37:29 PM

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Selling 68 GT S Code, four speed, Acapulco Blue, Standard interior. Excellent project car
No motor or Trans
Have everything else for car.
The car was in dry storage for 30 years. Very solid.
The owner started the restoration with Shelby parts, and lost interest.
Call or text for more information.


Bill Collins

I am not affiliated with the seller and do not mean to interfere in someone else's thread, but I am aware of what may be a good opportunity for anyone interested in this car for restoration to original specs. 

One of my customers recently acquired a '68 S code 390 engine and 4 speed trans that was pulled from a car decades ago. It is a complete assembly, air cleaner to pan, that has never been disassembled. All equipment is intact including carb, distributor, pcv/emissions system, fan/clutch, pulleys/brackets, factory A/C compressor, power steering, exhaust manifolds, bellhousing and shifter.

This is an unusual opportunity to acquire everything in a matching assembly at one time. I do not know the engineering numbers, date codes or price but can get them on request. I posted some pics, it is located in Central Pennsylvania.

Bill Collins
Bill Collins Collector Fords

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Special Ed

Wow thats the perfect setup 4 speed and all with complete smog thats the same as 68  428 cj.


That would indeed be a nice package to combine.


Bill how much does he want for the package?
Has he posted on the S Code registry page on Facebook?

Sorry we are off topic here
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Thank you for the call yesterday. Please post the price when you hear from your contact on the 390.

If the car doesn't sell I will defiantly be interested in the motor/trans.


Did all 68 390s have that vacuum module on the side of the air cleaner? I have pulled air cleaners off of 68 XL and Galaxies(still have one) and it didn't have that vacuum module and hole in the air cleaner. Sorry, I'm also off subject but don't know where else to ask that.
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QuoteDid all 68 390s have that vacuum module on the side of the air cleaner?
I think just S code 390's had the vacuum module. And then it may have been Mustang/Cougar/Torino/Cyclone.

Special Ed

There are  some different parts between a 390 GT  and a regular  base 390.


Would it be too much to ask the selling price within a months time frame?


If its not headed to the paint/body shop. $38k.
I have Bronco in there now, and its next.


Referring to the engine combo... Good Luck on the sale-