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Scam Scam Scam!!!!!!

Started by mustangdave, February 28, 2024, 02:07:03 PM

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Everyone lookout for Jons Ford/Dodge/Mopar. They are on FB and claim to have every Shelby part you need. As you can guess, i was taken for a good amount of money. They want Zelle payments and each time, the Zelle contact changes. Yes, im kicking myself.


sorry to hear that. I wouldn't even send a guy 35 bucks and ended up meeting him at Columbus to get a part. The guy was real  and a very nice guy with a few killer cars but just not known by the same people I knew near him. Always best to check references and ask for parts that DO NOT exist. Get creative. If they have that bogus part you know it is a scam. Use paypal and PAY their fees. Good insurance.
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