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COBRA shift knob - What is it?

Started by 6s1640, February 21, 2024, 11:26:07 PM

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What is this?  Truck COBRA shift knob?  Looks old.  The basic knob is exactly like the shift knob in my 66 Ford Truck F100 4X4.  The knob has a broad applications across the Ford line.   The early COBRA insert is formed convex to fit into a machined recess on the shift knob.  Has anyone seen this shift knob in a Ford catalog?  I expect it is aftermarket.  Looks commercially made.  It will not fit on a Mustang shifter.  The thread pitch is too small.  They must not have sold well.  I have never seen one before.



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There is a guy who sells them on ebay, I picked one up for the heck of it knowing it was probably something sold at gas stations in the '80s or something.  Looks to me like it's off a truck.
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This knob appears to be from a steering wheel spinner. It would be mounted to a threaded rod that is in a bearing / bushing that allows 360 degree rotation then on clamp to the steering wheel rim. These were very common in vehicles in period without power steering.


Those were known as Brodie knobs..... In the 40s -50s according to my Vintage Dear ol Dad!


Quote from: 427heaven on February 23, 2024, 10:14:35 AM
Those were known as Brodie knobs..... In the 40s -50s according to my Vintage Dear ol Dad!

Or a "Necker Knob"  :) For one handed driving when the other hand is occupied - around your girlfriend
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My dad called them "West Virginia Cranks"
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They were called suicide knobs as we had them on our old tractors down on the farm.