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69 or 70 radio block off

Started by TA Coupe, February 21, 2024, 01:20:27 AM

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TA Coupe

I'm thinking about selling this and need to know if it is a 69 or 70? There is only one small mark on the back.

If it starts it's streetable.
Overkill is just enough.

Special Ed

Same both years the woodgrain may have changed as the wood started out lite then went dark after fall of 68 deluxe interior cars were made as there is a black standard interior version also and a cougar wood xr7 burl type wood also.  Cant tell by your pic if its lite or dark need better closeup pic.


Appears that the Cougar/Deluxe Mustang radio block off for 69 and 70 started with a plastic body with an ink stamp on the back side then changed to a debossed identification marking. Both carry 69 Cougar engineering numbers as shown



The deluxe plate is shaped differently from the standard Mustang radio block off

Jeff Speegle- Mustang & Shelby detail collector, mentor :) and Judge