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Stranger Things - 66 GT350 w. KAMM Spoiler & 427 Cobra on El Mirage and HPM2

Started by Szabo, February 13, 2024, 04:31:08 PM

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Hello together,

i came up with some Pic from Ebay from a Negative Roll ...

i had contact with the seller, the roll was development in 10/1966, also the Pics are time period correct
and the cars must be factory new...

First Strange Thing is, that the GT350 have a KAMM Styled Spoiler rear deck,
i only know 2 other Mustangs with a time period Spoiler like this,
one was 5s319 mocked up for the Open House Event on LAX and later given to Charlie McHose
the second one is the Mustang of Alex Tremulis Wife

on the Edge of the Pic you see also a red 66 GT350

and of course, there is a 427 Cobra, is it a Competition Model ?
the driver really hit the pedal to the metal

I would love to find out which SFM and CSX Numbers the Cars are

Any ideas, any thoughts are welcome

Greets from Germany


The GT350 License Plate says P?? 816 as fare as i can read it, note the extra long radio antenna

Same Pic from the other side --- note the red GT350 with the Kid

two pic from the Cobra, what a beast - Competition or S/C ?


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I have never seen a tow mirror mount to the vent window frame like that before as in the first photo
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Many cars were modified on day 2. Fiberglass parts were readily available even in the early years
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Notice the red GT350 on the right side of the second photo the kid is leaning on.  These are great photos.


Looks more like El Mirage dry lake to me, than Bonneville.  That is dirt kicking up from the tires, not salt.

I love the Blue Streaks.


I believe that the 1966 GT350 might well be 6S420, which is recorded as CA License plate RWD 816. That would be my best guess. Robert Vickery  Leased the car12/2/65 and return to Hi-Performance Motors one month later.


Great pictures Stephan, thank you for posting. Another question is who is the driver and who are the guys around the cars? The trailer mirror on the passenger door and the whip antennae are really interesting. And the Cobra is running full out. Really cool.


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Cool photos!

Those look like S/C fender flares on the 427 Cobra.

Can you make out the car's license plate on your photos/negatives? The watermarked pics you shared are too low-res to read.
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Close-up of tow car... plate seems to be ?WD 81?, maybe a 6 at the end.

And the tail of the '66 and the Cobra plate...

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The Cobra should be csx3018 at El Mirage just after it's winter break refresh (body and engine) due to an incident at the 1966 Road America races (not sure if incident happened at the June or September event).  El Mirage as mentioned earlier by another poster due to dust instead of Salt Lake crust.


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