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2020 GT350 Handling Package option

Started by, January 17, 2024, 11:15:53 AM

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I recently bought a 2020 GT350 from a private owner. While doing a recent software update at the Ford dealer my Handling Package "disappeared" from the trunk in its original box. I have nothing but the original printed installation instructions. Anyone know of an overall part number of this option, the installation instructions have numbers for all the parts that do not appear to have Ford numbers for this adjustable strut mounting kit. Even though it is listed on the original window sticker the Ford dealer claims to have no knowlege or part numbers for it. Words cant describe what I am thinking about these dealerships today. They have no intension on replacing it. 

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Have you asked on the Mustang 6G forum, GT350 section? IMO the best overall site for 2015-2020 GT350 info...
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They call them stealerships for a reason.
File a police report - they will get it sorted out.
Check on the Team Shelby site they favor the later cars.
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Thanks for the replies, finally got it sorted out, 6S1013
1966 GT350H
1966 Sunbeam Tiger
1964 Slabside Cobra (ERA)