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Its a big day...

Started by Coralsnake, January 07, 2024, 09:54:42 AM

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The Coralsnake updates are done early 😉

Just click on the "whats new" button

If your page doesnt have Shelbys Birthday, January 11th at the top, please refresh it.

Another prototype, The Playboy cars with photos!, more NOS parts, vintage photos, a big announcement from Acme and its dynamite! ...and more...

Thank you to all that contributed


Great update

Thanks for all of your hard work.

Instead of being part of the problem, be part of a successful solution.


Thanks Pete for the updates. I loved the Playboy story as it came first hand from one of the drivers. 66 Rentaracers have nothing on those chauffers' who "used those Shelbys. LOL
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Best update ever!

The Playboy story is amazing - hope someone can do proper scans of those photos.

- Phillip
President, Delmarva Cougar Club - Brand Manager, Cougar Club of America


Mike G.

Such dedication and a true love of the cars. Thanks for sharing things I wouldn't be fortunate to ever know. Mike G.


Can't wait to check out the update!    Always loaded with great information.  8)


  Great update Pete.  Enjoyable read.


Loved looking through the "period" photos. Thanks for posting them.


Very cool, Pete. Thanks for doing this.



I appreciate everyone's contributions.

It's not just me, but a lot of OGs that are sharing


In the "new items' there is discussion of "engineering cars" and their ultimate disposition...

there is a member here "66GT350" that was involved in the mid 70's with arranging the disposition of an engineering car.

66GT350 worked in the manual transmission engineering team in the Market street building just west of the Livonia Trans plant, Livonia, MI
the project was developing the overdrive trans package to be released in the Granada platform, so they ordered a production Granada with the 3.03 3sp 250 CID 6 cyl with the 2.79 diff as I recall. 
I believe this was prior to the SROD was developed for the F series truck platform, so it still had the external shift rods.
The car was modified with the toploader OD trans, and 3.00 diff.  It was a feasibility study not a certification/calibration car as I recall.
When the work was complete the manager tasked 66GT350 to "return the car to production" and ready it for sale on the "B Lot"

So "somehow" a mistake was made and the car went to the B Lot WITH the OD trans still in it & the 2.79 diff reinstalled ( better OD gearing ), extra set of brake pads and a new clutch were "left in the trunk" and he also "Tagged" the car for purchase from the B Lot! ??

His dad ended up as the actual purchaser of the "special gas economy" spec Granada when retiring to Columbus IN.

so I've "outed" this insider scheme to configure an engineering car.

jim p
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Great information! We have seen a lot of them turn up. The crusher story is dying a slow death


also remember several Pantera's parked in the Dearborn test track infield with "scrap, parts only" spray painted on the hoods!

just used up cars then !!  :-\

jim p
Former owner 6S283, 70 "Boss351", 66 GT 6F07, 67 FB GT
current: 66 GT former day 2 track car 6R07
20+ yrs Ford Parts Mgr, now Meritor Defense


Great update Pete, thank you.  My buddies and I enjoyed the Playboy Resort story, and it was good seeing our #851 in the Johnny Bolton story.
Happy New Year!