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1971-72 Maier Racing Catalog

Started by CSX4781, January 06, 2024, 06:07:16 PM

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Was digging through some books looking for a part number, and came across this old Maier Racing Catalog. Even though Maier became well known for  their suspension and fiberglass Mustang and Shelby parts, in the beginning, engine parts were the order of the day. Attached a few photos.




I think I have a 77-78 on one of my boxes

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camp upshur


Thanks for posting!
I lived out of that catalog for years. Maier was the ONLY source for 65 GT-350 hard parts.
Mid-70's, made a 450 mile road trip to visit, then to SF, then to visit Gordon Gimble in south SAC, who was the only source for CSX parts.
Taking a 3.89 C7FE '65 into SF 'in the blind' to 'see the sights': no map, no plan, no sideview mirror, blaring side exhaust ... what a workout.

Re Bill Maier: never did really understand what a 'racing diaper' was (?).


ps - now that I think about it: JC Whitney (of all places!) had a few SAI parts -crazy, Valley Ford Parts in SF Valley had a few, and Airport Ford -near LAX- had S1MS/S2MS parts on heir shelves into the mid 70s. SAI was long closed and other than dated proximity I don't really know why, but they did.


   Very cool, it's unfortunate that the days of taking a real road trip in a Shelby are long gone, but I used to drive mine (as well as my 66 2+2) on parts hunting expeditions too. Brought home a lot of Boss 429 parts home in those cars.

  Also used to find a lot of cool parts just because I drove those cars regularly to a lot of local stuff. Guys would see the Shelby at one of the local hangouts or making passes at the dragstrip and would come up and tell me about good parts that could be bought. I sure miss those days....


Bob Gaines

My new wife and I went on a Honeymoon trip in 1977 driving from KC to the CA. We drove from LA to the bay area and stopped at Maier racing and Arntz Cobra and the way before heading home.
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camp upshur

What car, by chance, did you make that trip in? Sounds great!
Arntz, now there's a blast from the past. Cobra clones, whoda' thunk it?

It's too bad you're such a modest guy. This place would benefit seeing your cars, and how you use them!
We are not talkin some aloof  'hedge- fund-auction collector' here. There was once a time when you went to a local COCOA meeting and actually 'talked shop' w fellow owner-drivers - who turned their own wrenches!
CS, when he was pushing dried chili-powder, used to show up and kick tires at Pacific Stereo in Anaheim at our monthly meetings.
Before the days of huckster 'autographs' and lawyers.
Still have your CJ Fairlane? Most bitchin.