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New Years 65/66 Parts list - continually adding when I find items -

Started by acman63, January 22, 2018, 10:08:07 AM

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65/66 Shelby parts list

65 /66 Shelby Goodies –  street and race
-Hipo 289 balancer,  exc reproduction of the original  $275  -65/66 
Hipo Axles –correct heavy duty 28 spline with no taper,  magnafluxed, machine trued face, phosphate studs, new  premium bearings ready to install  $450
-65/66 3rd member  - complete units , different options  inquire
-65/66 Brake Cylinders –originals restored –sleeved bare metal small bleeders $300  pr.
Intake straight PCV  fitting $30
PCV  valve C5   $75
PCV generic  - no number on side $40
pCv  hose original textured  $125
NOS  Ford intake gaskets  $150
NOS  Ford  head gaskets  $200

65/66 T 10 M alloy transmission , brand new alloy  main case and tailshaft housing,  racing synchros,  premium  bearings,  2.36  ratio gears, micro polished rotating moving parts, blueprinted , with  concourse restored shifter assembly,  ready to install  $12,500

Hipo air cleaner  5A  stamped   base   -  triple plated lid,  proper decals  nos element  $1200

Tri-Y  Headers.   Concours quality  - low production.  miter cut.  mandrel bent.  proper machined head flanges. welded and formed like original using steel jig for conformity .  Proper clearance for mounting bolts .  Baked and  proper finish Jet Hot satin black metal ceramic coating applied.   $1195
3 bolt header flange - mates to headers  $39.95  pr.   Gaskets $8  each

Header bolts.  Recessed version  $35  set  of 16

Side exhaust system . available in stock 2 inch  or better flowing 2 1/2 inch .  includes front flanges,  gaskets,  mounting hardware, inlet pipe, bullet muffler.  outlet pipe , concours clamps , end brackets  $475
side exhaust brackets on leaf spring  $95  pr.
Override brake rebound brackets and bumpers  $95  pr.

disc brake calipers - concours restored -  cad plated large half,  phosphated small half.  machined pad travel area and pad mounting area.  Spot face machined bolt mount areas. All new OEM finish pistons. Seals.  Dust boots.  new boot mounting rings,  bleeders, OEM finish transfer tubes, pads and new retainers   $595  bare metal early version also available $650
Caliper Mount brackets.  restored K/H  originals  $150  pr. 
Disc Brake Spindles - Nice original forgings.  checked for cracks ,  detailed ,  ready to install
Disc brake rotors - assemblyline staggered fins.  dog teeth  - restored $895  pr.
Prebent concours Brake Lines  - 65 /66 Mustang  V8  with disc brakes.  inquire for prices,  will sell separate pieces
Disc Brake proportioning valve  outright $475

Rear Brake drums KH.   early 65 dimpled version,  inquire
Rear K/H  backing plates  65/66 proper fomoco  and numbers  Inquire
Cragar wheels -  new  $450 each
Cragar wheel Caps CS  -  correct 6069 # properly painted $400  set  with backing plates
Cragar wheel lug nuts with washers  $100 set
Koni shocks new service $550  set
Koni upper shock bolts  - $60  set
Koni Rubber lower bell nut covers $50  Pr.
Cragar lug wrench $100
Jack Ratchet wrench.  cad plated  nice $150
Original Jack   $275
Blue Dot Tires $450 each
upper shock mounting cap with welded washer, original Ford Not Chinese  $125  pr.
quick steering kit idler and pitman  $145  pr.
idler arm alone  $90
driveshaft safety loop . concours rolled  $80
blueprinted steering box 16-1   $595
override traction bars  only  -original  M1 versions  used  originals  $400  pr.
Override repo kit  concours Heavy duty as original  $250
Traction Bar hard rubber bushing set of 8   $50
Export brace mounting Bracket for cowl  $20
Export brace . equal space  $140
sway brackets concours bare steel with bushings $50  set
axle limiting cable set (no I bolts)   $20
Cobra sand cast valve covers  polished fins $295  pr
Cobra Oilpan - concourse type with fully polished fins and letters
Hipo 65/66 fan blade 110   concours spacer $45
Fuel Line carb to pump  $15
Fuel Line to water pump mounting clip $15
Lemans Carb - new Holley 715 Replacement  $1150   date code optional
Trunk mount battery tray and hold down bracket $215
trunk mount Cables and clamps  $235
Cobra Battery Vent caps $325
restored alternator with black fan and pulley  $275
Restored starter $275
Unrestored Starter.  - still has Fomoco original script on side - checked out .  perfect for survivor car $250
original bell housing with steel plate  - western parts no metal issues  $295
Ray Brown Chrome seats belts - short hooks  ,short links , original hardware - rechromed ,  new webbing,  leather pads and Ray Brown Labels  $1595
Hipo heads  bare $2000   early 65 date
Hipo engine block  5F20   standard    $3500    5K15  40+  $2500
C5OE  Timing Cover - cleaned up.  premiered - no issues  $125
NOS BF 32  Star Spark Plugs  $350  set of 8
Accelerator bracket on carb stud with Spring  $20
Nos gas pedal spring $8
C5  water pump  rebuilt  $275
NOS  cam fuel pump eccentric  $75
Rocker Arms and pivots,  sonoflux for cracks,  de-burred.  tumbled $150  set of 16
Oil pressure line  new $100
Oil pressure fitting  new  $60
Porthole Early hood correct mat finish - new   $795
Light hood springs $29
Prop rod  $50
Concours Hood pin Kit  $95
Race apron concours woven mesh glass $295
American Torque Thrust wheels  $750  set/4  polished outers $900  set/4
transmission crossmember $225  bare metal  western part  no pits nice
roof rail stainless inner moldings and weatherstrip retainers.  restored  polished  $395
concours Gt350  side logo decal  $55  pr.
Override bars with correct cast iron  M1 ends $500  pr.
Rear segmented  2 ½ INCH brake shoes – full metallic DS11   $250  set  special order
Kelsey Hayes Disc Brak eHubs  . no rotors  $125
Hipo 289/Boss 302 replacement premium  McLeod clutch kit,  Long pressure plate,  Premium  disc. Premium throwout bearing $400
NOS Hipo mount center carriage bolts with proper lock nut $35 pr.
Fastback door window frames,  polished,  ready for glass $400  pr.  Or with new  dated script glass installed  $850 pr.
Rear fiberglass Shelf – best quality.  Woven glass holes already cut out. Excellent part $450
NOS disc brake Junction block  $75
NOS Ford steering column turn signal switch $75
assemblyline clutch fork . exc used $175
Headlight retain rings,  restored polished  proper slots  $75  pr.
NOS Door Latch  C4SZ-6321812-C   $125
Export brace original - pitted $200
Export brace new equal hole repo $150
NOS Ford parking lights $175  pr.
Original coil spring guards - nice western metal,  ready to install  $175  pr.
16 inch steering wheel . OEM vendor  $600  with adaptor
Dash Mounted Horn switch  $175
Grille  polished aluminum bullnose $95
Shifter assembly  complete with restored handle, new knob and boot,  replated control box  and levers,  bare metal levers.  all new springs , bolts , bushings  etc.  ready to install and go  $695

NOS Plant headliner fits fastback black – very thick! Very little stretch compared to the cheap repos. Cuts installation time by a lot of time!  Thought these were  obsolete but found one in a tube upstairs  $300
If you don't see it ask , sometimes I even surprise myself after 40+  years!  920 434 3645

I am going to start an email list of people that want original parts only.  nos and exc used .  If you want to get on the email list  send me a note
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