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'67 Headlight Bucket Grommets - New Made in the USA

Started by JD, January 22, 2018, 01:17:47 PM

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I had a mold made to reproduce the '67 Shelby Headlight Bucket Grommets that are in the back of each of the 4 headlight buckets.  On many cars these are missing or very hard and tear when taking them out for restoration.

These new parts are very accurate and even have the "69" with a line under it on the one side as well as the split, see attached image. The mold and parts were made in the USA.

2 Grommets $30.00 includes shipping in the Continental the USA.
4 Grommets $50.00 includes shipping in the Continental the USA.
Each car uses 4, one for the back of each headlight bucket (additional shipping charges for out of the Continental US). Additional grommets, over 4, at same time of order are $12.00 each.

Payment Methods:
PayPal or US Postal Money orders.

Either way, please PM (Private Message) me with your name, US postal mailing address, the quantity you want and the payment method and I'll reply with the info.

Note: The buckets used were stock Ford parts the Shelby workers punched the existing small hole on the back of each to a larger size.


(Yes, sorry I had to repost this as I forgot to include the pricing, and the first ad was totally deleted and the other comments were also flushed.  In the past if someone forgot to include a price they were notified and given an opportunity to adjust the ad.  I responded to the persons that inquired and heard back from some so please PM me again if you did not get a reply from me - Thanks all)
'67 Shelby Headlight Bucket Grommets
'67 Shelby Lower Grille Edge Protective Strip