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1966 drag car

Started by gt350shelb, December 02, 2023, 07:10:08 PM

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Some where some one is driving their collector car for the last time but they don't know it . Drive your car every time like it could be the last memory of it .


I never knew Wilmington Ford had this. Is this in Mass ? Looks like it's at NED.


Based on that photo they must have been running that car at least into 1969.
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Quote from: Grumpy on December 03, 2023, 02:14:40 PM
I never knew Wilmington Ford had this.

Not all cars with dealer names on them were owned/run by the dealers. They'd trade parts discounts, loan tow vehicles, pay a little money for owners to put some advertising on their cars.
Ford's factory drag team would sometimes paint the local performance dealer name on their car when it ran in the area.
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Well NED opened in Sept 66. What makes you think it was run till 69 ?  Wilmington Ford was huge. I believe bigger than Tasca at the time.  Owners were in the next town over . Wilmington an Andover were both very small towns. I lived there all my life. Went to school with the owners kids. I had a new 65 Convertible. For the life of me I can't remember what they drove for cars.  Ok whats the name on the door ? Glenn ????? I have a few older friends that maybe can shed some light on this.


Last name maybe Hays???
Also, something ? heating & cooling on the front fender (sponsor).


Based on info in the current Registry this is an original drag car, 6S021. Photo probably taken in 1971 or 1972. The sometime driver listed as Glenn Hughes, door says Glenn Hayes so that's probably a Registry typo. Registry also says it was sometimes named "The Going Thing" and sponsored by Central Heating & Cooling.
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Yes 6s021 @ NE Dragway. Clear picture of it in registry under different paint scheme/sponsors. At that time said Hays & Hughes


Those names don't ring a bell to me. After 1965 I spent Sept/May in school in Miami but stayed in the car stuff with my friends at home. Ya never know whats lurking in someone's garage nowadays.  ;)