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Sunbeam Tiger Documentary - Coming in 2024

Started by silverton_ford, September 20, 2023, 07:22:11 PM

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Le Mans, Shelby & 2 Smokin' Tigers: A documentary about the Sunbeam Tiger is coming in 2024.  Link to the trailer below.   It looks really good.

Link to Trailer:

More information -


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I'm definitely looking forward to seeing that!

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Awesome can't wait to see it.  My father is a original owner of a 67 Mk 1A (with pentastar on pass fender).  I was born in 67, he got the Tiger just before having me and still has it in immaculate original condition.  I grew up with the roar of this small block Ford.
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Looks like a wonderful movie, thanks for the preview.
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