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65 GT350 T10M speedo gear

Started by mygt350, September 16, 2023, 07:48:01 PM

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Am having an issue with a 65 speedo plastic driven gear in a T10M transmission. Seems to be eating up gears. Possible wrong pitch driven gear is in there? Are 3 speed and auto driven gears same pitch as 4 speed T10M and toploaders? Is there a pitch mismatch thats cause of problem?
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Three speed and auto transmissions take driven gears with  one direction and same pitch. Both T-10 and toploaders are the same pitch on the driven gear, the teeth are the opposite direction. I am not near my speedometer gears at the moment. The drive gears are also geared in opposite directions.



thanks for the info explaining the difference between the 3 speed and auto trans DRIVEN gear with pitch in one direction versus the T10M and 4-speed driven gear with pitch going other direction. That means the drive and driven gears for 3 speed and auto are both pitched one direction and drive/driven gears for T10 and 4-speed in other direction.

Assume physically impossible to use drive gear for T10M or 4-speed with a driven gear desiged for 3-speed or automatic?
Continuous caretaker of 5S228 since May 1967

texas swede

T10M came originally with a metal drive gear and 7 teeth and equipped with the original blue dot tires and 3:89 rear axle gears
the driven gear was L20 i.e. 20 teeth.
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Check the metal gear for damage. When I bought my car, the speedo didn't work. My plastic speedo gear look like an apple core. Found the metal drive gear on the trans was damaged.