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LeMans float bowl settings

Started by rkm, August 31, 2023, 06:29:33 AM

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Ok Cobra Guru's, I might have forgotten the correct way to do this so I am checking with the brain trust. I
I'm running a Holley 850 on a 1st oversize 427  sideoiler in a 427 Cobra. Sidewinder intake manifold with a 3 degree angle when mounted on the engine, lower at the back. Different from  the GT 350 specs.

How do you measure the correct float height? Do you flip the float bowl upside down and measure the gap between the top of the float and the top of the bowl (ie the top once you flip it over to install it) or do you measure the distance from the bottom of the bowl to the bottom of the float, ie. The depth of the area where the gas will be once installed?

People quote 1/2 inch for the front bowl and 3/8 inch for the back bowl, but that only makes sense if you are measuring the depth of the gas because the back bowl is supposed to be lower to prevent spillover when you brake hard.  The car is used for SAAC open track usually as the Toronto traffic requires a ton of planning to go for a nice drive.

And will the slight mounting angle change these numbers?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Dan Case

PM sent, there is more to discuss than fits in little text boxes.
Dan Case
1964 Cobra owner since 1983, Cobra crazy since I saw my first one in the mid 1960s in Huntsville, AL.