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California specials in the California Sun

Started by 68krrrr, July 30, 2023, 06:07:18 PM

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Started out with a California special before I got my first Shelby,here's a couple California specials in the California Sun
1967 GT500 #1724
Nightmist Blue /Parchment
2005 Ford Gt Midnight blue
Porsche 911 Turbo 2007 Highly modified
1934 Ford Chopped & channeled

Previously owned
1968 GT500KR #03528 Lime green
1968 GT/CS

"Fly low & avoid the radar"
Thanks Adam


Very nice. I have GT/CS as well and someday also hope to have a Shelby.



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I came across one last month on the street right behind my house.  Current owners father bought it brand new.  Ive been there 11 years and no idea it was there.