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Help Wanted at Convention - See Cool Cars, Sell Stuff, and Meet everybody

Started by Cobrask8, July 05, 2023, 02:23:36 PM

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One week out, ready to go?

Three areas looking for some help!

Popular Ballot car Show - Parkers, counters, easy and fun, be a part of the show, make the day really enjoyable! Valet parking optional....

Merchandise Tent - Sell, sell, sell!!! Sharpen you sales skills! Shirts, hats, books, posters. And you work in the shade!

Please e-mail to:

Registration Tent - You get to meet EVERYBODY!!! See them first, answer their questions, take their money, you are their first contact, set the mood!
(Help really needed here, even part of the day)

E-mail to:

Please help out the convention staff. They are small in number, ludicrously overworked, old, worn out, new blood is needed.


Lisa and I will be in here to help with the Popular vote car show. I am running  car on track Thursday only.



Kim! Happy to have you two! I'll just be a car show worker too, but the show is well organized and ready to go!

See you on the track, I am working grid! My FFR will be there also, on track. Let's dance....