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transmission rear tailshaft seal

Started by Rocket, June 24, 2023, 03:44:23 PM

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Hi Guys,  I posted this request yesterday  in the 1966 section,and no replies. Is the tailshaft seal different on a T-10 transmission and a
Ford toploader.  Thanks for any help.   Ron
Original owner of 6S550. Owned since 1967. 64,000 Miles, all body original except hood and front valance. All glass original except windshield. Still has aluminum 4 speed. Has replacement Mico.  Also own 1966 Mustang convertible. They are drivers, not trailer queens.



The T-10 seal is Ford part# C2AZ-7052-A. Aftermarket seals are readily available, NOS seals show up fairly often on ebay. I believe the toploader seal is the same but oddly my MPC only lists toploader seals for FE engines. NPD shows the SBF T-10 and 65-66 toploader seal is the same...


Dave - 6S1757