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Attn: cobra owner CSX2403

Started by shelbyhertz66, July 02, 2023, 10:42:31 AM

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I have a newspaper clipping classified ad from the 1979 L.A. Times newspaper.
One of the ads shows cobra CSX2403  for sale.  If you would like a photo of it I would be happy to
send you one. Just drop me a PM.


That's a wildly long time to have an ad. It must be painful to see the asking price of said Cobra in present day. I remember a Hemmings Motor News ad for the Milo Brooks R model back in 1997 or 1998 I want to say. Rapid City, South Dakota was where the car was situated. Fresh off of the heels of a divorce, I lusted after it at an asking price of $150,000. I should have got a loan.
"Low she sits on five spoke wheels
Small block eight so live she feels
There she's parked beside the curb
Engine revving to disturb
She's the princess from his past
Red paint gold stripes damned she's fast"