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Someone in Puget Sound to do Shelby assembly?

Started by BeaterGT500, March 07, 2023, 08:10:31 PM

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I'm looking for a competent shop or maybe retired individual to assemble my 67 GT500 project.  It's basically ready for the drivetrain, some wire harness and under dash installation, and steering gear installation. I have all the subassemblies restored and ready to be bolted together, from the dash cluster to the trans. Everything is fresh and have all AMK fasteners to do the job.  Just have no time, a ruined back and now a bum shoulder to boot.  I spoke with Brad's Custom Auto and they are clearly qualified but not available until 2024.  I'm hopi g to get this rig running and driving this Summer.  Any recommendations?
Current custodian of 1967 GT500 #683, and a real Meyers Manx dune buggy. Also currently broke as a result.


Good luck with your project.  PM me if you'd like to sell as-is.  Thanks