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What does the T10 shift linkage look like

Started by cboss70, May 16, 2023, 11:30:57 AM

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I have a late 66 Shelby all cast iron T10 and it has an aftermarket Hurst shift assembly on it and have a few questions to get it back to original.
1) Could someone post a picture of the side of a similar trans so I can see how the rods and shifter assembly are mounted and be able to ID them?
2) Are the rods/shifter linkage and swivels T10 specific or are they the same as what's used on the top loader?
3) Is the shifter mechanism/base assembly the same as a regular 4spd top loader from that year? (I may have the parts just need a way to identify them)
4) If the shift rods or shift mechanism/base assembly are all unique to a T10, or Shelby for that matter, and I don't have them where would be the best place to source them so I don't buy the incorrect stuff?   

Thanks for your guidance!!


Greg Z


I made this exact swap on our '66 Carryover. I believe the shifter control box is the same for both the top-loader and our T-10s. The linkage is different The tabs that connect the linkage to the transmission are different also. The tabs for the top-loader are rectangular. The tabs for the T-10 are oval or egg shaped as you can see in the excellent pictures posted by GJZ. I found my shifter on Craigslist but you might also put a "wanted" ad here on the SAAC Forum and the Concourse Mustang Forum. The prices seem to range from $300 up to $600+ depending on condition and what parts are included. Getting the shifter handle and knob is a bonus. Plan on rebuilding the shifter. Scott Drake sells a nice kit.


To add to Jeff's reply; Bill Heeley sells a rebuild kit for the box which includes a new spring, wave washer, anterlock and retaining ring.  This will help eliminate the slop in the box itself. He lists them on Ebay all the time.