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65-66 Mustang 4 Speed Shifter For Sale

Started by Fast Fords, April 22, 2023, 02:55:15 PM

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Fast Fords

I have a 65-66 4 speed shifter for sale. The shifter itself is in pretty good condition. The handle is in good condition with no major pitting but does not come with the handle or pull piece. This shifter has the original back u switch still attached. It also comes with a nice shifter boot and the chrome piece that goes on the shifter boot. Price is $400 for the shifter  and accessories that are on it plus shipping. If interested, email  Thanks.

Special Ed

I dont think that is 69 shifter  maybe 65-68 era

Fast Fords

The guy I got it from said it was a 69 shifter. I had my doubts that it was.

I went out and checked the shifter. The number on the bottom of the boot is C4ZB so it must be a 65-66 shiter.

Thanks for your help....Greg.


shifter is somewhat correct  for 64 - 68 4 speed, it is a reverse lock out stick , but the pull up tang looks to be missing,
but having that 2nd hole drilled (close to the other) it is actually a 68 shifter