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A Must Watch: Interview with Pete Brock and The Cooper Monaco King Cobra

Started by NC TRACKRAT, April 13, 2023, 11:22:06 AM

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Interview by Donald Osborne with excellent, original race footage of Dave MacDonald and fully restored with David Donahue driving at Goodwood.
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Beautiful and important car (love that "factory" silver/blue) - intelligent and insightful interview - thanks!

- Phillip
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Jerry Titus bought one of the cars - less engine. On getting it home they decided the chassis was pretty much junk - cracks etc. They pulled the trans, suspension bits, etc and the rest was hauled off to a landfill in the San Fernando Valley. Titus built an experimental vacuum car idea (ala Chaparral) with an aluminum Buick by Traco and bits from the Cooper. It didn't use traditional suspension (think go Kart) but where the chassis flex (think of spring rate) was controlled by inserting different thicknesses of tubing inside the main tubes. The thought was the suspension changing heights ruined the ground effects advantage of the vacuum. The whole package was very light but too hard to dial in. Rick Titus bought the remains of his dad's car about 20 years ago - just the chassis, hubs and wheels along with the original Cooper fuel tanks. It was a wall hanger but I think got tossed in one of his moves.
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