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Tire recommendation for 2007 SGT

Started by Thanx2cs, April 06, 2023, 02:40:32 PM

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I've decided to replace my original tires.  They are now 17 years old and I plan on some longer cruises this summer.  What are the best tires for this car?


Here are a few choices:

Toyo R888R
Continental Extreme Contact DW
BRG Rivals
Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3

Don't know how you drive your car and how is the weather where you are at.

Look at the wear ratings on each tire as they are considerably have different rubber compound  one to another

Good luck
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I'll agree with FL SAAC on Continental Extreme Contact DW. This my tire choice for my daily driver on a Audi A4 and my Shelby GT. These are a warm weather tire only meaning with lower road temperatures traction will not be optimum. I live in CT so the car is not driven in cold weather. They do offer an all season also but I can't say if they are good. I've gotten good tread wear and traction for these tires. They warm up with normal driving without being sticky and loosing treadwear. My last set of tires were BF Goodrich that I removed early because they flat spotted and offered less traction than the Continental. - Kevin
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