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April Coralsnake updates

Started by Coralsnake, April 02, 2023, 05:32:07 PM

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The April update is done. It's a little smaller this quarter, but the quality is exceptional.

If you see an error please let me know.

Thanks to the people that donated items!
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Fantastic job, I eagerly await the day you can dig up enough dealer information to do a page on Luke Bolton Ford (Plantation, Fl) and Matthews Ford (West Palm Beach, Fl) where 2642 was shipped to, then sold through, after Gotham Ford was closed by FoMoCo.

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Good stuff at usual........I worked for Enterprise Rent A Car in Downey on Firestone Blvd in early 80's.....home of the singing duo The Carpenters............
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Dan Case

Dan Case
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Peter L.

  Awesome vintage pictures Pete. I would give anything to see photos of KR 4052 before it was crashed.
Great job as usual!
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Re: the Downey Ford '68 Shelby without hubcaps - look closely and you can see the rear of a '69 Sportsroof- that Shelby must have sat on the lot for a while!
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Not unusual, many 1968s sat for over a year before selling

My May 1968 sold new in January 1970
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