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SBF Camshafts

Started by csxsfm, March 24, 2023, 04:32:38 PM

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I just want to pick up the motor's torque quicker than the current C7FE.  This is a vintage car with a vintage "350R" type motor that I am no longer willing to twist 7000 rpm.  Will be keeping the old school solid lifters as well. 


I would say in describing the Compcams, it pulls hard right off of idle.

I am running it with a 5 speed manual Doug Nash. It is 3.27 first gear, close ratio (T10 pattern) with 3.50 rear gears.

I'm going to dial it down to 3.25 rear.

I don't think you need anywhere near that much "gear" in a 2,000 pound car but for autocross you need to determine the best combination anyway.

I had tried it with 1.7: rocker arms and it gained too much duration. I went back to 1.6 shaft rockers.

Strangely enough to me, it actually likes the BC-BD, i.e., the 725 427 Holley carbs better then the 1850's. You would think that the car is drastically over carbed with that set up but it is not.

However that might be too much for autocross.
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Glad to hear the torque comes in early.  That's what I'm looking for.  It's too bad the cam mfgs don't publish their actual dyno results.


Quote from: csxsfm on March 28, 2023, 07:51:20 PM
Glad to hear the torque comes in early.  That's what I'm looking for.  It's too bad the cam mfgs don't publish their actual dyno results.

There was a member here that called himself Kiwi.

He built a 331 under the guidance of another knowledgeable member, GT350HR, aka, Randy Gillis.

He used the Compcams cam, the AFR 185 full cnc ported heads, a COBRA s2ms intake and a 3259 Holley carb.

He posted the results here as it dynoed as I recall at 425hp. I don't remember the torque numbers though. They may have been around 385?

There was some discussion as to why it wasn't more since the expected numbers were around 500.

From my experience with a very similar engine, induction is going to be the biggest factor in adding more.

YEARS ago on a very different dyno, the full race 289's that Shelby built with Webers were advertised as 385hp. The single 4v at 366.

They were using a much different cam then stock cut by "Sullivan".

The catalog numbers claimed 55hp over "stock" for the 2x4v and 80hp for the Webers. It's difficult to know at this point how much the numbers were exaggerated?

According to Randy, the best flow numbers on Ford heads of the era were on the 289 GT40 heads and fully race prepped they showed about 240cfm at .570 lift. Current aftermarket heads flow MUCH better and at lower lifts and duration.

What is the BEST solution is not easy to answer. "You can't please you've got to please yourself".  8)
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