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Gt 500

Started by blackthunder1970, March 30, 2023, 05:49:12 AM

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Hi guys
After info on a 69 gt500
Vin 9f02R482226
Red with white interior
Any one know the history of it




Barry assume you have an old registry showing on ebay in 2010 owner currently unknown unless Vinny has current info
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The car is in Australia
And I am about to buy it
just if anyone knew the history before 1988


9F02R482226. GT500. F60x15 tires. Shipped to Paul's Ford, Inc. (Kansas City, MO) 5/21/69. MSRP $5426.40. IBM 10 day report indicates U-01 wheel recall campaign. Purchased by the original owner Ralph C. Rounds (Wichita, KS) 5/31/69. Warranty service 6/18/69 at Turner Ford (Wichita, KS) for squeak in rear sports deck, overhaul power steering pump and oil gauge with 429 miles; 7/23/69 for squeaks, rattles, rattle in trunk, oil gauge, engine runs rough and A/C not cool with 2700 miles. Previous owner Clint Jones (MO); Ron Shackelford (Jefferson City, MO); Jerry & Constance Hansen (Bloomington, MN); David Jacobson (NY). For sale on internet eBay March 2009 located in Jericho, NY with 84,820 miles again May 2010 located in Syosset, NY with 85,195 miles. Feature article & cover car in Mustang Monthly & Mustang Annual. Purchased by present owner Garry & Ronnie King (Ulladulla, NSW, AST) 2010.*

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It all lines up


Good luck on your purchase mate !
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