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1966 GT350 mechanic in Phoenix or Tucson?

Started by wjhpc, April 01, 2023, 02:27:47 PM

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Any suggestions for a Shelby mechanic in Phoenix or Tucson to sharp tune my '66 with Paxton charger? I understand that the tuning procedure might  require some additional expertise than tuning a non-supercharged car.

Also, could anyone recommend someone in Phoenix or Tucson to help me identify areas of my '66 that could be made more correct/authentic?

Thanks a bunch.

Jim H


Marcus Anghel might be a good starting point.  He is a member of this forum and does high end restorations.  Very nice guy, does open houses usually around the BJ auction. In Scottsdale.



I don't know the name Phil Roberts. Can u elaborate on this, including contact info?

I may be looking for 2 different guys, one for performance tuning a Paxton '66 and perhaps a different guy to help me evaluate changes needed for more correctness?