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67 GT500

Started by jgordonwin, March 08, 2023, 08:58:38 AM

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Hi. New here. I'm looking at potentially buying this car, I've seen it, presents extremely well. I'm curious what folks here think about this car? Correct date coded motor and paint. They are asking 295k which I think is a little high although another Brittany blue auto sold on BAT for 290k. Any thoughts or comments on the car would be appreciated as I think about the purchase. Thanks!


Would help to have;
- the Shelby VIN and
-what you want in/of a '67 Shelby?  To enjoy and drive or "Concours judged car"

'67 Shelby Headlight Bucket Grommets
'67 Shelby Lower Grille Edge Protective Strip

Royce Peterson

Seems like top dollar considering all the repop suspension parts.
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Given the price surprised to see dents on the underside. 


It does have Shelby VIN. I certainly don't need a concourse judged car, I am looking for a car I can drive when I want, that is fully restored and shows well. I don't want to put much into it from a time or money perspective, I want it to be fully sorted and be reliable with original but rebuilt motor, etc.

Bob Gaines

 There are a lot of Shelby 101 mistakes in detailing and parts on the undercarrage and engine compartment along with incorrect and unnecessary identification markings seen in the pictures . Too little body color overspray underneath and no pinch weld overspray on top of that amoung other thing. If the same percentages of mistakes are present in places not seen in photos then the car is at best a bronze level in Div II concours IMO. For those reading Bronze level is still much higher quality then typically seen in restorations but with that said there is a lot of room for improvement to be higher scoring/ historically correct.   
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This does show as a beautiful Shelby, however at that price more details/components should be concours correct. Don't get me wrong there is attention to detail on this restoration, some body color overspray, some pinch weld blackout(as bob noted should be more)...etc...., but again negotiate that price.   As noted repop front suspension.  Many smaller details like exhaust clamps, non ford idler arm, zirk fittings, some finishes.  Also not knowing the vin hard to tell if some items are correct or incorrect for the production timeframe.   
This shelby has early production and mid to late production features.
Early production:
wiper fluid bag
Rear valence half round cutouts with trim bezel
tailight bezels with studs

early mid to late production
full fiberglass hood (vs steel frame and fiberglass)
full fiberglass trunk (vs steel frame and fiberglass)
raised tailight panel

Koni Shocks vs orig adjustable Gabriel shocks
Magstars should have medium grey finish in inserts vs black
Interior Pic Steeing wheel looks high, tilt column?
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Save this link and keep checking it......
He is always on here and he always has several Shelby's for sell.


Thanks all. That's helpful. Besides the recent auto that sold on BAT for 290, I can't find another auto car that went anywhere close to that so part of me thinks that one is an outlier and not a indication of the auto market on this car but hard to say. Any thoughts?


The original Influencer, check out


PM Sent, I might have something for you. Thanks