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68 side emblem measurements

Started by TLea, February 23, 2023, 10:19:58 AM

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My 68 350/500 fender emblem template seems to have had walk away disease. Can someone measure theirs? Maybe rocker molding to bottom of block and fender edge to side of block
Thanks in advance


From my original fenders, Tim:

10" above rocker trim;

4 7/8" from fender edge(door gap).


Corey Bowcutt


Mine agrees with what Don measured.



Are those measurements on Center of the emblem?
Or are they 10" to the bottom of the emblem and 4 7/8" to the closest edge of the emblem ?


If you need the locations of the mounting holes on an original fender, I have those right here. They are from my 68 GT350 -01107.

There are three holes.

The distance from the top of the bottom molding to the center of the bottom two holes is exactly 10". The distance to the top hole is exactly 13".

This is the drivers side fender.

From the horizontal line  at the edge of the fender, the closest hole in the bottom pair is 5-3/8". The second in that pair is 7-5/8".

The top hole is 8-3/16" from the fenders edge. I hope this helps?
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